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The Paschal Science Team wins Virtual Competition

Seventy five team and more than 5oo students competed from across Texas!

Individual Top Ten Finishes: 

Paul Ryu - 4th overall, 2nd place 11th grade biology, 1st place 11th grade chemistry, 

Junsung Lee - 2nd biology, 7th overall, 

Edward Nguyen - 4th Physics, 

Hanwool Yun - 6th place 9th grade, 3rd place 9th grade physics

Joseph Reitman - 5th place 9th grade chemistry

InHo Kim - 6th place tenth grade science, 2nd tenth grade biology

Sujata Dalal - 3rd place tenth grade chemistry

Mansfield Meet of the Minds

The science team traveled to Mansfield November first to compete in the Mansfield Meet of the Minds. More than 17 students representing all grade levels competed in the science. The Paschal varsity team ended up finishing in second place. Several students scored personal bests and are showing great improvement.  Paul Ryu had the highest individual score at the meet and also won Biology and Chemistry. Wyatt Reeves won physics.  Congrats to all of these academic phenoms. 

Science has another impressive performance

Virtual Meet #2 - 86 High Schools, 659 students.

Paschal Wins Virtual Meet

The science team competed in the first virtual meet of the year on Friday October 17. Fifteen students representing all grade levels participated in the competition. The Paschal team finished in first place out of more than 70 teams from across Texas!

1st Place Team Overall (71 teams total)
Wyatt Reeves, Paul Ryu and Edward Nguyen

Individual Overall (588 students total)
  • 2nd Wyatt Reeves
  • 3rd Paul Ryu
  • 8th Edward Nguyen
Biology (588 students total)
  • 1st Paul Ryu
  • 4th Junsung Lee
  • 12th Sue Oh
  • 12th Wyatt Reeves
  • 17th Mario Garcia
  • 23rd Anand Iyer
Chemistry (588 students total)
  • 2nd Wyatt Reeves
  • 6th Edward Ngueyn
  • 7th Paul Ryu
  • 9th Junsung Lee
Physics (588 students total)
  • 2nd Wyatt Reeves
  • 11th Paul Ryu
  • 16th Edward Nguyen

About Us

The Science Club is open to all students interested in science. The Science Team is composed of science club members and competes in national and state competitions, including: UIL Science, Science Bowl, JETS TEAMS, Biology Olympiad, Chemistry Olympiad, Physics Olympiad and TMSCA.

The Paschal Science Team has won State and National Championships and is considered one of the premier Science Teams in the State and Nation.

Science Bowl practices are in room 283 on Wednesdays after school.

UIL and TMSCA practices are on Fridays in room 161/165.

Please check Mr. Brinker's website for a listing of future competitions.

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