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Paschal Places Second at the UIL State Meet

The Paschal UIL Science Team won silver at the State Meet on Tuesday. Junsung Lee finished in fourth place overall, and Wyatt Reeves finished in fifth place overall. 

Wyatt also won the individual STATE CHAMPIONSHIP in Physics!

Congratulations to the team: Edward Nguyen, Paul Ryu, Junsung Lee, Wyatt Reeves. 

Paschal Wins STATE Virtual Meet

In preparation for the UIL State meet in Austin May 26, those teams that qualified for UIL STATE were invited to participate in the STATE qualifiers Virtual Meet. Paschal had the first place team and is poised to make a run at the UIL State title next week. 

Highlights from the State Virtual Meet: 
  • 1st place team – Edward Nguyen, Anand Iyer, Katie Hyry
  • 2nd overall and first chemistry and physics – Edward Nguyen
  • 6th overall individual (1st 10 grade)– Anand Iyer
  • 9th overall individual (2nd 10 grade)– Katie Hyry
  • 10th overall individual (3rd in Biology)– Sue Oh
  • 3rd in tenth grade – InHo Kim
  • 4th place in 9th grade – Joseph Reitman
  • 6th place in 11th grade – Junsok Ko

Paschal Students Wyatt Reeves and Edward Nguyen have both medaled in the United States Physics Olympiad Exam! 

Wyatt and Edward earned silver and bronze medals, respectively, placing them in the top 120 physics students in the country.

The process of selecting the US Physics Team began in January when approximately 4400 physics students from around the country sat for a national exam. The top 259 were invited to take the three hour semi-final exam. The top 20 (all gold medalists) on the semi-final exam will become the US Physics Team and compete in the International Physics Olympiad in Mumbai, India.

We are so proud of Wyatt and Edward, their effort and performance to achieve this level of success!

Edward will attend MIT in the fall, while Wyatt will return to PHS for his senior year (and another shot at making the US Physics Team). Their PHS Physics teachers have been Linda Antinone and Dr. Charles Reidl.

For more details on the Physics Olympiad, see

Paschal Science Wins State Championship!
TEAMS stands for Test of Engineering Aptitude, Mathematics and Science.
In February and March thousands of high school students from the top private and
public school in Texas competed at locations throughout Texas. Paschal was victorious
at the UT Dallas Location, besting powerhouses St. Marks/Cistercian/Hockaday/McNeill high schools.
Not only did Paschal win the North Texas region, we had the highest score in the STATE!
Congratulations to the following members of our upperclassmen team:
Carter Dickson, Sue Oh, Christine Vonder Haar, Mario Garcia, Junsung Lee, Wyatt Reeves, Paul Ryu, Edward Nguyen

Science Team Wins Region Virtual Meet

Congrats to the Paschal Science Team for winning Region Qualifier Virtual Meet! The team will now travel to Austin on Memorial day to compete for the State Championship! Wish them luck.

Team Members:  Edward Nguyen, Paul Ryu, Wyatt Reeves, Junsung Lee

Science Team Wins Region

Congrats to the Paschal Science Team for winning the Region 1 UIL Science Championship! The team will now travel to Austin on Memorial day to compete for the State Championship! Wish them luck.

Team Members:  Edward Nguyen, Paul Ryu, Wyatt Reeves, Junsung Lee

Science Team Wins District

The Paschal UIL Science team traveled to Martin High School in Arlington on March 27th for the District Competition. The team won first place and will be advancing to the regional competition at UTA in late April.

Team Members:
Edward Nguyen (1st chemistry and 3rd overall)
Paul Ryu (1st overall and 1st physics)
Wyatt Reeves (4th overall)
Junsung Lee (6th overall)
Sue Oh (12th overall)
Anand Iyer (10th overall)

Two Paschal Students are Semifinalists in the Biology Olympiad!

As the premiere biology competition for high school students in the United States, the USA Biology Olympiad (USABO) enriches the life science education of nearly 10,000 talented students annually. It provides the motivation, curricular resources, and skills training to take them beyond their classroom experience to the level of international competitiveness.

After two rounds of challenging exams, twenty Finalists are invited to a residential training program where they learn advanced biological concepts and exacting lab skills at Purdue University, the Home of the USABO National Finals. Ultimately, four students earn the right as Team USA to represent the USA at the International Biology Olympiad (IBO), a worldwide competition involving student teams from over sixty countries. This year the IBO will be in Aarhaus, Denmark!

Congrats to Paul Ryu and Vanessa Marshall!

Three Students Advance in the Physics Olympiad
Congratulations to Wyatt Reeves, Junsung Lee and Edward Nguyen for advancing to the semi-finals of the Physics Olympiad!
American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT)  is responsible for recruiting, selecting and training teams each year to compete in the International Physics Olympiad Competition. This selection process begins in early January when high schools register their students to participate in the F=ma exam. Approximately 400 top scorers on this first test advance to the semi-final round of competition.

The semi-final exam is used as the basis for selection of the 20 members of the U.S. Physics Team. These students, from schools all over the United States, travel to the University of Maryland-College Park at the end of May for the annual U.S. Physics Team Training Camp. There they engage in ten days of intense studying, testing and problem solving.

At the end of that training camp, five students will be selected for the "Traveling Team." The Traveling Team will return for three additional days of intense laboratory work before they are ready for the International event in Mumbai, India!

Paschal Wins TEAMS at UT Dallas

Thursday February 19th fifteen science club members traveled to UT Dallas for the annual TEAMS competition. Test of Engineering Aptitude, Mathematics and Science is a competition for middle and high school students designed to help them discover their potential for engineering. During this one-day competition, students apply math and science knowledge in practical, creative ways to solve real-world engineering challenges. 

The upperclassmen team won 1st place, beating out St. Marks/Cistercian/Hockaday/McNeill high schools. The underclassmen team finished in the top five. 

Paschal wins Legacy High School UIL B invitational

More than 200 students from all over North Texas competed in the Legacy High School Invitational on February 14th. Paschal High School had a very impressive showing winning first place team in the upperclassmen division and second place team (missed first by 2 pts!) in the underclassmen division. Congrats to these academic phenoms. 

1st Place Team 11/12: 
Wyatt Reeves
Paul Ryu
Junsung Lee

2nd Place Team 9/10:
Anand Iyer
InHo Kim
Shashank Kovuru

Individual Awards: 
First Biology 11/12: Paul Ryu
First Biology 9/10: Shashank Kovuru
First Chemistry & Physics 11/12: Wyatt Reeves
First Chemistry 9/10: Anand Iyer

Members of the 9/10 Science Team
Members of the 11/12 Science Team

Paschal Science Team Wins Virtual Meet 

Science Bowl Competition

The R. L. Paschal Science Bowl Team competed in the Texas

A&M Regional Science Bowl on February 07, 2015. Our team had practiced all year for this event, and we were ready to compete. Our team consisted of two seniors, Edward Nguyen and Junsung Lee, two juniors, Wyatt Reeves and Paul Ryu, and one sophomore, Kuan Wei Huang. The Texas A&M Regional Science Bowl had the best teams in the state of Texas competing against each other. Last year our team tied with Dulles High School in Sugarland, TX for the best record of a team from Texas in the National Science Bowl. This year the best teams from Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, College Station, and Austin competed against each other for just one spot in the National Competition. 

 Our team came out strong and won all of our round robin matches easily. This gave us a high seed going into the double elimination brackets. We demolished the first team that we faced and defeated College Station High School by over 40 points. We then played a difficult match against a good A&M Consolidated Team. A&M Consolidated had a lock on this competition a few years ago. We dismissed them by a score of 90 to 86. This led us into the semifinals. There we surrendered a halftime lead to the Liberal Arts and Sciences Academy out of Austin. This meant that we needed to defeat Dulles for a chance to win. We lost to Dulles ending our day. This was a tough loss, but we lost to a quality competitor that we respect. Our team had made friends with several of the players on their team at the National Science Bowl last year. We placed third overall in the tournament. The students and I have already begun collecting new information and strategies for the competition next year. 

Paschal Science Team Wins UIL A release

The Paschal Science Team traveled to Trimble Tech High School on February 7th to compete in the UIL A release. Both the underclassmen and upperclassmen teams finished in first place. Wyatt Reeves had the top score of all competitors and won chemistry/biology/physics. Anand Iyer had the highest underclassmen score and also won biology/chemistry/physics. 

Congratulations to these Academic Athletes!

The Paschal Science Team wins Virtual Competition

Seventy five team and more than 5oo students competed from across Texas!

Individual Top Ten Finishes: 

Paul Ryu - 4th overall, 2nd place 11th grade biology, 1st place 11th grade chemistry, 

Junsung Lee - 2nd biology, 7th overall, 

Edward Nguyen - 4th Physics, 

Hanwool Yun - 6th place 9th grade, 3rd place 9th grade physics

Joseph Reitman - 5th place 9th grade chemistry

InHo Kim - 6th place tenth grade science, 2nd tenth grade biology

Sujata Dalal - 3rd place tenth grade chemistry

Mansfield Meet of the Minds

The science team traveled to Mansfield November first to compete in the Mansfield Meet of the Minds. More than 17 students representing all grade levels competed in the science. The Paschal varsity team ended up finishing in second place. Several students scored personal bests and are showing great improvement.  Paul Ryu had the highest individual score at the meet and also won Biology and Chemistry. Wyatt Reeves won physics.  Congrats to all of these academic phenoms. 

Science has another impressive performance

Virtual Meet #2 - 86 High Schools, 659 students.

Paschal Wins Virtual Meet

The science team competed in the first virtual meet of the year on Friday October 17. Fifteen students representing all grade levels participated in the competition. The Paschal team finished in first place out of more than 70 teams from across Texas!

1st Place Team Overall (71 teams total)
Wyatt Reeves, Paul Ryu and Edward Nguyen

Individual Overall (588 students total)
  • 2nd Wyatt Reeves
  • 3rd Paul Ryu
  • 8th Edward Nguyen
Biology (588 students total)
  • 1st Paul Ryu
  • 4th Junsung Lee
  • 12th Sue Oh
  • 12th Wyatt Reeves
  • 17th Mario Garcia
  • 23rd Anand Iyer
Chemistry (588 students total)
  • 2nd Wyatt Reeves
  • 6th Edward Ngueyn
  • 7th Paul Ryu
  • 9th Junsung Lee
Physics (588 students total)
  • 2nd Wyatt Reeves
  • 11th Paul Ryu
  • 16th Edward Nguyen

About Us

The Science Club is open to all students interested in science. The Science Team is composed of science club members and competes in national and state competitions, including: UIL Science, Science Bowl, JETS TEAMS, Biology Olympiad, Chemistry Olympiad, Physics Olympiad and TMSCA.

The Paschal Science Team has won State and National Championships and is considered one of the premier Science Teams in the State and Nation.

Science Bowl practices are in room 283 on Wednesdays after school.

UIL and TMSCA practices are on Fridays in room 161/165.

Please check Mr. Brinker's website for a listing of future competitions.

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