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    Paschal College Board #:  442560


    Advanced Academic Office:  

    Paschal Parents:  if you would like to receive information from the Advanced Academic office send us an email and we will add you to our list.  Please include your name, your students name, grade level and a phone number. Send to:

    SAT/PSAT Summer Course: The dates for the summer course have been set.  Click here to download the registration form. This course is available to non Paschal students. As of 6.6.14 we have room in all sessions.

    Countdown to College:  Paschal juniors, the registration form for our college essay writing course is now available.  Please call our office or come by to complete the registration process. If you are not a Paschal junior and are interested in attending this course, contact Pam in the AA office for space availability.  We do have room available for non Paschal juniors.

    SAT Boot Camp:   Paschal Junior (rising seniors), you have asked for more specific SAT instruction opportunities with more options and we are now offering a course just for you.  Click here to view the registration form for our new SAT Boot Camp.  If you are not a Paschal junior and are interested in this course, call Pam in the AA office for space availability.

    Computer Programming Course:  For the past 2 years Paschal has hosted this camp to allow new students to explore the field before they take their first course and allow more advanced students to study more advanced topics.  Click here for the registration form or email Edward Nguyen at for more information.

    PSAT Results:  All results are in the counseling office. 
    9th and 10th grade students and parents:  if you missed the evening PSAT meeting click here for the power point that was presented or click here for the PDF version.

    New Grading System:   Click here for the  weighted grade point average system. This affects 9th,10th and 11th grade students for this school year.

    Seniors:  Please notify the advanced academic office of any college acceptances even those you are not attending.  Report all scholarship offers to the counseling office.


    Honors and AP Program

    Paschal has one of the most-recognized and valued Honors and AP (Advanced Placement) Programs among all of Fort Worth's public and private high schools, helping Paschal students be well-prepared for a collegiate experience. The AP program consists of possibly several years of preparation courses (known as “honors” or “Pre-AP” courses) at the 9th, 10th, and 11th grade years and often includes courses at the 8th grade and even at the 7th grade in middle school. The culmination of the process occurs when the student takes AP courses (college level classes) and then participates in the AP exams in May of the school year. Based on the scores of the AP exams, students may be able to earn college credit by "placing out" of college courses. However, the major benefit of the program is the excellent level of preparation students will have for college work. For more information, please talk to Paschal's Advanced Academic Office at 817-814-5041.


    The SAT and ACT are the two primary tests students must take for college admission. Paschal is well-known for its summer SAT Camp. Students all over the city come from both public and private schools to take advantage of this special preparation course. Check this site regularly to learn more about the program, when it is offered and complete an application. Remember to check with specific colleges about which test/s they require.
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    Academic Honors

    Paschal is considered the "school of choice" by hundreds of Fort Worth families, with many transferring to the school to take advantage of its outstanding academics. Paschal has more Merit Scholars than any other Fort Worth school, public and private. The following demonstrates the standard of excellence for which Paschal strives.  

    National Merit and Minority Scholars
    • 43 National Merit and Minority Scholar recognitions in current senior class. This is by far the largest number in Fort Worth.
    • 5 National Merit Semifinalists - the only such awards in FWISD.  (Semifinalist is the top 3/4's of the top 1% of students in the nation based on junior year PSAT scores).
    • 26 National Merit Commended Students
    • 8 National Merit Hispanic Scholars
    • 4 National Achievement Scholars including 1 National Achievement Semifinalist.
    • Click here for a list of current National Merit and Minority Scholars, and click here for a comparison of Merit Semifinalists.
    Superintendent Scholars
    A Superintendent Scholar is a merit honoree (semifinalist, commended or minority students) and/or an AP Scholar (students who scored 3 or higher on at least three AP exams). In 2013, Paschal has 91 students qualified as Superintendent Scholars. Click here for list of Superintendent Scholars.

    Academic Letter Sweatshirts
    Each year, Lockheed-Martin Aerospace Corporation and FWISD jointly sponsor the Academic Letter Sweatshirt Ceremony in early December. These are juniors whose cumulative GPA is 3.8 or higher at the end of their sophomore year. Paschal typically has more than 160 juniors who are recognized. 

    National Honor Society
    Check with Mr. Ken Wright for more information.
    For complete information, click here